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What Is Self-Hosting, And Why It’s Critical For Your Blog’s Success

What is self-hosting? What are the benefits of self-hosting a blog? And what’s the difference between WordPress .org & .com?

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What Is Self-Hosting?

Self-hosting is when you pay a webhost company such as Bluehost, or others to host your website on the Internet, so that it can be viewed online.

This means that you own your website, and allows you unlimited capabilities as to what you want to do with it. Self-hosting your website is always recommended – especially if you intend to earn money from your blog. You can’t monetize your blog unless it’s self-hosted.

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What Is A Non-Self-Hosted Website?

A non-self-hosted website is one that you have not paid for, one that you host on a ‘free’ website platform such as Tumblr, Blogger, Wix or some other non-paid host. If you use a ‘free’ non-self-hosted site than you are limited in what you can do, and you can’t monetize it.

It is not recommended to use a ‘free’ website platform.


Why Is Self-Hosting Important?

There are three extremely critical reasons why self-hosting is important

1. Ownership.

If you use a ‘free’ website platform like Tumblr, Blogger or Wix you don’t own your website, they do and they could shut you down at any time. When you self-host you own your website and all of your content and you have complete control over it.


2. A self-hosted website is professional.

Have you ever been viewing a business’s website, let’s say a restaurant’s website – and see in the footer text saying ‘Get A Free Website With Wix!’?

Those ads can’t be removed on a ‘free’ website platform, and earn revenue for the ‘free’ host when they get clicked. Seeing that a business is skimping on their website like this doesn’t look professional at all, and makes you wonder what else they aren’t taking seriously in their business.

But when you self-host you have control over what ads appear on your website, and YOU keep the money when the ads you put up are clicked.


3. Money! When you self-host your website you are able to monetize it.

That means you can earn an income from your blog by running ads, working with brands for paid sponsorships, earning affiliate commissions and other money-making essentials of blogging. ‘Free’ website platforms don’t allow you to monetize and brands won’t work with bloggers who don’t own their own website and content.

So actually, ‘free’ website platforms are not free at all but rather, they are extremely expensive as they limit you in earning an income, keeping you from earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month.


Every month that goes by that you don’t self-host is another month of  hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue you could have made.


Bluehost start a blog

What’s The Difference Between And

The biggest difference between and is that one is self-hosted and one is not, which limits what you can do. is the one you want to use to self-host. When you use you fully own your website, you can use plugins and custom software and completely customize your site as you like. But most importantly you have full ability to monetize. is free to set up, but you won’t be able to use custom plugins and software and are limited in just about everything you need to be able to do to run and grow your blog successfully. In order to access anything custom, you will have to use’s upgrades which are VERY expensive!

It is far better and much more affordable to use, in fact, hosting is included for free in Bluehost’s hosting.

Hosting with Bluehost starts at just $32.95 per month.



How To Self-Host Correctly And Affordably

It is super easy to set up your self-hosted website correctly!

Check out my step by step guide on how to set up your self-hosted website in a matter of minutes. That guide covers everything you need to do to set up your website correctly so that you can monetize and make money blogging right away.





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