Blogging For Profit Mistakes: Why Your Blog Isn't Making Money

7 Blogging For Profit Mistakes: Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money

Blogging for profit is one of the best ways to start making money from home. It is fairly easy to start a blog.

Plus, it doesn’t require a long resume of skills, and can be inexpensive.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to make money.

And more often than not, bloggers can’t figure out why their blog isn’t making money, and they give up.

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Today I wanted to share some important tips with you that I’ve learned in my career as a marketing strategist and professional blogger.

As well as share some really rookie and costly mistakes that I see bloggers making all the time!

7 Deadly Blogging For Profit Mistakes That Cause Blogs To Fail

7 Blogging For Profit Mistakes: Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money
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Now, you need to know: blogging for profit will take time to build.

The first thing to note is to make sure that you can’t start a blog and expect to see money rolling in right away.

That’s why you often see bloggers doing other work-at-home opportunities while they grow their blog business.

Give your blog time, attention, and commitment to see the rewards.

Blogging Is not a “Build It and They Will Come” Business

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7 Blogging For Profit Mistakes – Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money

These are the blogging for profit mistakes I see bloggers making all the time when it comes to making money.

All of these things should be avoided if you truly want your blog and income to grow!

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1. You Aren’t Being Genuine and Authentic

When you are blogging for profit, you want to pay close attention to how you present yourself in your blog.

With hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, there may be several hundred blogs sharing the same kind of topic(s).

Don’t let that discourage you. This is where your unique personality comes in when blogging for profit.

When you are your genuine self and honest with your readers, you gain their interest and their trust.

Through the authenticity of being yourself, you’ll gain a tribe of fans.

Readers can tell if a blog is written from the heart or a generic, slapped up on the internet just for profit.

Sure we are blogging for profit. But by treating your blog as an outreach to help others, you win them over as loyal readers.

2. Your Website Is A Hot Mess

Simple is better! If readers can’t understand your blog and have trouble reading it, they’ll just move on to the next one.

Your blog needs to be user-friendly to help you gain consistent readers. It needs to be easy on the eyes to read and to navigate.

Remember the days of websites filled with colorful, patterned backgrounds?

Those days are gone. When designing your blog, be careful choosing your blog’s background and font color.

Although there are a lot of color choices that blogging programs offer, it’s best to stick with a light background and dark text.

Studies have shown that the human brain processes this type better than light text on a dark background.

Remember, clean, uncluttered, and easy to find your content. Make it easy on yourself and just use a premium WordPress theme.

3. You Overdo Sharing Zero-Income Links

A zero-income link is an external link that doesn’t lead to anything that you are selling, earning a commission from or benefiting from in any way.

Make sure to use external links wisely. Aside from affiliate links, only put links up for blogs or content that is truly related to your blog’s topic.

The point is to give your readers additional information on your topic.

There is no reason to overwhelm them with links to other sites. A big goal when blogging for profit is getting, and keeping, readers on your blog.

If you fill your site with too many external links, you’re sending them off to other sites, instead of shopping from yours.

4. You Are Lazy With Checking Spelling Errors

Proofread your entries before you post them to your blog.

Obviously, a blog with too many errors will be more difficult to read and people will lose interest. Too many mistakes and you will lose credibility.

The online world is a world of text, so take some time to learn commonly misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Watch for missed words, too. That’s often a common problem! Especially when you are excited about a subject.

Even though the words are in your head, they may not always all get typed.

So, proofread a couple of times, at least, to avoid this.

You can use the free Grammarly app to auto-proofread as you type.

5. You Aren’t Posting Consistently

Keep your blog fresh and interesting by posting at least once per day when you start out blogging for profit.

With so much information available on the Internet, your readers may go elsewhere if you aren’t supplying daily content.

If you aren’t sure what to write about, try posting a poll, a link to another blog, comment on a news story or post of list of helpful tips.

Publishing a good round up post is a great way to increase readers and social shares from other blogger’s and their audiences too.

Remember, not every post has to be long and complicated, but you do need to post something every day. Around 1000 words is a nice goal to work toward.

But don’t feel you can’t post a shorter post of around 600 words.

The longer posts keep readers on your site longer to read it completely and makes your sight seem less spammy to search engines.

This not only gives your blog more content for readers to see, but also gets you in the habit of writing consistently.

This helps your writing improve and spurs creativity for futures topics.

Later on, when you have a larger following, you can decrease the number of times you post each week. It’s then you shift to fewer, but longer posts.

6. You Waste Your Time On Low Commission Programs

One of the best ways to make money blogging for profit is with affiliate marketing.

But one of the biggest mistakes I see inexperienced bloggers making is that they participate in low-quality and often scammy PPC programs that don’t benefit them at all.

New bloggers often dip their toes into blog monetization by joining a low commission PPC program which pays the blogger a few cents when their link is clicked, and a couple of dollars if the click leads to a sale.

But the fact of the matter is, that low commission PPC program is making hundreds of dollars off of your sale, as they are the real affiliate to the brand.

You are wasting your time and traffic when you work with those types of companies. That’s why you should always use a legitimate affiliate network like ShareASale, CJ, or Awin.

These networks make it easy to partner with legitimate brands directly and earn flat-rate commissions on sales. Not measly pennies like PPC sites!

Here is a list of high-paying affiliate programs that you SHOULD join: High paying affiliate program directory

As well, every blogger should enroll in quality affiliate marketing training that teaches the ins and outs of the business.

7. You Don’t Treat Your Blog Like A Job

Your blog is your business, and you need to work at it every day. It’s never going to become your full-time career if you only spend part-time effort on it.

In addition to treating it like a business, you also need to be fully aware that you are playing the long game.

It takes consistency and time for a blog to really generate solid consistent income.

So don’t give up on it before it even has the chance to succeed!

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7 Deadly Blogging For Profit Mistakes – Conclusion

These blogging for profit tips and mistakes to avoid will help keep your blog readable and interesting to your visitors. The more visitors you get, the more you will succeed at blogging for profit.

Just make sure to present yourself in a professional way and keep your readers coming back for more new content each day.

In no time, you’ll have a tribe of faithful readers helping you earn a rewarding income from your hard work.

Here are some other blogging mistakes that can make you lose money blogging. Be aware of these mistakes, and avoid committing them if you can.

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