5 Ways To Improve Your Like Know And Trust Factor

No Sales? 5 Ways To Improve Your Like Know And Trust Factor

Do you have the like know trust factor that will make people want to buy from you?

Without possessing this, oh, je ne sais quois quality, it can be very difficult to make sales.

People buy from people they like know and trust. They need to feel like not only can solve a pain point for them but also that you are someone they can vibe with.

Basically, if you give people the ICK, they won’t give you their guap.

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Here’s how you can cut through all the online noise and position yourself as someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable in your field, even if you’re a complete beginner!

How To Build the Like Know And Trust Factor To Sell More

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Getting people’s attention in the busy online space and giving them a reason to follow YOU, takes time.

Starting out as a newbie entrepreneur is tough. And unless you have the right mindset, it’s likely you’ll end up throwing the towel in pretty early on in your journey.

Take affiliate marketing for example.

Competition is FIERCE and while this is true, it doesn’t mean that affiliate marketing is a saturated landscape with no room for you to create your own success.

Building an affiliate marketing business is a busy place to be, but that’s a good thing – it means there’s money to be made if you can just hang in there for the long haul.

Most people give up in the first few months because they haven’t made any commissions yet.

But is two months really long enough to get people to like know and trust you?

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I would definitely say NO, I’ve seen many marketers around the online space for years and still don’t really “know” them enough to buy from them!

1. Create Content That Gives Value And Shows Your Human Side

Just because you’re building a business, you don’t have to suddenly become a robot and lose your personality.

People buy from people they resonate with, so if you’re covered in tattoos, that’s ok.

If you’re a traveling nomad living in beach shacks, that’s ok.

If you have 5 kids, 3 broken marriages, and a former dr*g problem, that’s ok!

There will always be people who resonate with YOUR journey.

The more you can weave your personal growth journey into your brand messaging, the more sales will come.

By showing your real self and posting daily, valuable content to help people get a little step closer to THEIR goals, you’ll find your tribe and they’ll become future customers.

2. Document Your Journey, As You Build Your Business

Don’t feel you only have to show your big wins or start sharing your journey once you’re super experienced.

You should start sharing your journey from the beginning!

If people see you sharing what you’re learning every step of the way, they’ll see it’s actually possible for them to do the same.

When I started this blog, I shared my blogging journey from day one with my audience.

Showing them my excitement when I made my first $60 affiliate commission, to later selling my first website for $50k, to later hitting my first 7 figure milestone.

And along the way, I shared my daily struggles, mindset blocks, wins and lessons. (I share these stories via my fan-favorite newsletter – come join!)

…And that vulnerability and authenticity have resulted in a thriving community of thousands of creators, championing my brand!

So, struggles, wins, losses, times you nearly threw your computer out of the window, highs and lows – put it all out there!

3. Share Everything You Learn

You might feel you have to hide your most valuable knowledge and keep it to sell later on as a new affiliate marketer.

But sharing what you’re learning and showing people what they could be learning, if they joined you on the same course, will help to build the like know trust factor.

It doesn’t mean they’ll just steal all your ideas and never buy anything. Even with all the knowledge people will still want and need guidance.

This also gives you tons of content ideas you can use in your live videos and blog posts.

Share knowledge and give value first – think about making money later, it will come.

4. Show Up On Video

Showing up on video for your audience is the quickest way to build the like know trust factor!

My business skyrocketed when I started doing reels, lives and webinars.

I highly recommend that you start making video content, if you aren’t already.

5. Use Stories to Get Your Message Across

Becoming a great storyteller will not only help you sell your products in the future, but also get people to resonate with you and your journey.

Where did you come from, what brought you to this point and what is your vision for the future?

If you struggle to tell stories, read a book called Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson.

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He is a super talented guy who has made himself a multi-millionaire building Clickfunnels and many other products to help business owners build their own, profitable empires.

The book Expert Secrets details the art of persuasion and teaches you how to write compelling copy for your business.

Marketers and business owners swear by this book. Just check out some of these reviews:

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Russel gives the book away for just the cost of $9.97 shipping. So well worth grabbing a copy for yourself especially if you’re a new affiliate marketer!

You can also get the audiobook or Kindle version on Amazon.

Build the Like Know And Trust Factor To Sell More – Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to build the like know trust factor for yourself.

By following these tips, you will gain the trust of your readers, and have a much easier time converting sales.

Take time to commit to mastery and put into action everything mentioned above and your business will start to fill out with more and more qualified leads.

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How To Improve Your Like Know And Trust Factor To Sell More
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