Expenses You Need To Be Aware Of When Running Your Blog As A Business

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Expenses You Need To Be Aware Of When Running Your Blog As A Business

If you are thinking about blogging on a full-time basis, you are probably exploring the different avenues for generating revenue.

I earn a fulltime income from my blogs, having multiple revenue streams at work on every one of my websites, which helps to bring in 5 figures each month. I share all of my strategies here at HerpaperRoute to help you discover all the ways you can make money blogging.

There are also some expenses that come along with running a blog as a business, that you need to be aware of too.

The expenses of blogging are something that a lot of new bloggers overlook, and without being knowledgeable about these costs, you could be in for a surprise later, or unprepared to pay for the things you need when you need them. 

You should know what expenses to expect so that you can budget for them and spend confidently. As all of these expenses are necessary investments in your blog that will, in turn, make you more money.

Not investing in your business in the things that it needs to grow will only mean that you may be stuck in one place, and not see the results that you should be seeing.

Read on to discover some of the unexpected expenses you need to prepare for when you are blogging.

Basic Website Costs

Domain & Hosting: This is a very affordable price of about $4 per month, and necessary in order to self-host and monetize your website.

This step by step guide to setting up your domain and hosting will help you get started, plus give you 60% off at SiteGround!


Design & Theme

If you really want to set your blogging business out from the crowd, you need a website that looks amazing, is easy to use, boasts seamless navigation, and is quick to load.

You may assume that a free blogging template is all you need, but when you’re trying to make money, you need more than this.

You are building a brand, and this means being better than the other blogs on the web and ranking highly. You won’t do this with a standard, generic website, which is slow and uninspiring.

Your theme should be beautiful, secure, reliable, bug-free, and packed with a ton of features that will allow you to customize however you like.

The cost of a great theme will range in price, but typically, you can get one for under $80, and that is a one-time fee. I recommend the themes at Pretty Darn Cute, and StudioPress.

StudioPress is where you can get the ever popular Genesis Framework,the Melyssa Griffin theme Authority Pro, and other extremely attractive and high-quality WordPress themes.

Pretty Darn Cute – Premade, high quality and pretty WordPress themes! Excellent setup tutorials, support, and community to help you every step of the way.


A lot of business owners decide to take out a small line of credit loan to get their business and blog up and running.

This is a good way to give yourself the pool of money you need to grow your blogging business at a quicker pace. However, you do need to account for the cost of borrowing money when predicting how much money you have coming in and out each month.


Social Media Scheduling

Social media and blogging goes hand-in-hand today. If you are going to take your blog to the next level, you are going to need to build a strong following on social media.

However, it is unlikely that you are going to be able to sit at Twitter and Instagram every hour of every day.

Therefore, social media scheduling is a must to ensure that your business does not get left behind. This will cost you a small monthly fee if you are to use a good service with all of the features you need.

I spend about $10 per month for SmarterQueue to manage all of my Facebook and Twitter posts. I have over 30 posts firing out every day on auto-pilot with this app, which helps bring in thousands of dollars a month in new sales and affiliate commissions, plus thousands of new readers and subscribers to my blog every day.

This is because SmarterQueue allows you to have “evergreen recycling” where you set up posts for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram that can be scheduled and then it re-posts every few days or weeks on it’s own.

If you want to grow your network and business following its essential that you be posting content to social media consistently, and this app makes this possible. Check out my guide on how to use SmarterQueue and get a free trial here.

For Pinterest and Instagram scheduling, I use Tailwind ($10 per month) and BoardBooster ($5 per month).


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Email Marketing

Growing your email list is essential to your business’s success especially as a blogger. Investing in a good email service provider is crucial.

I use Convertkit which is a professional mailing system that easily integrates into your website, where your readers can sign up to your newsletters. You can create landing pages, create and send campaigns (newsletters) manage opt-in forms, automation (welcome sequences), and more.

Convertkit makes gaining subscribers and running opt-in functions easy, while giving you extremely powerful list management. It has helped me grow my email list to over 20,000 subscribers, which in turn has paid for itself a thousand times over. I highly recommend this tool.


convertkit logo Make money online - Affiliate marketing - Sales - Profitable blog - Passive income - Training - How To Start A Blog - How to blog - Work from home - SAHM - Tools And Resouces - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote | www.herpaperroute.com

Learn more about Convertkit and get a free trial here after your free trial, plans start at $29 per month.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding the expenses you are going to be subject to when blogging.

If you account for these costs, you will be able to manage your finances better so that you can maximize your profits and get the most out of your new business venture.



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Blogging Business Expenses - Home-Based Business Expenses - Start A Profitable Blog Start A Money-Making Blog - Make Money Blogging - Passive Income - Social Media Marketing | www.herpaperroute.com


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