Building An Irresistible Offer Standing Out In A Crowded Niche

Building An Irresistible Offer, Standing Out In A Crowded Niche

What do you offer your audience, that your competitors do not? What is your irresistible offer?

…That thing that makes you and your product stand out from the noise in your industry.

I know – there are a lot of others selling similar products in your niche.

But that doesn’t mean they are perceived as the same. It’s all about how you position your product!

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Today I want to share some ideas for building an irresistible offer.

How To Make Your Offer Irresistible

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Building An Irresistible Offer And Standing Out In A Crowded Niche

When building your irresistible offer, know that the good news is, you don’t have to recreate the wheel.

You can literally be selling a product that 5000 other people in your niche are also selling.

But YOUR offer stands out and sells.

Why? Because of how you package it and position it in the marketplace.

Just as I explained in the guide How To Position Your Offer To Kick Ass Like Cobra Kai, the right positioning is everything.

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You need to actively put your offer where your ideal customers are.

Ok, So How Do You Build An Offer That’s Irresistible?

Think about this…. let’s say you are an affiliate, selling someone else’s online course on how to build a business. The course is $500.

And another blogger is also their affiliate, selling that same course.

That other blogger might have more authority in the niche, so naturally, people will be drawn to buy from them.

How can you get people to buy that course from you and actually even get people to pay MORE for it?

The answer is; creating an irresistible OFFER to go with your affiliate promotion.

If you promoted the SAME course but said it was $3000, you’d probably initially laugh at me right?

But what if I told you that when people signed up with YOUR link, you’d also give them:

  • A 10-step coaching program
  • 10 videos on building high converting funnels
  • 5 interviews with famous marketers revealing their affiliate marketing secrets loaded onto the phone
  • A guide on how to use every tool you need to help you build your business
  • Tech bonuses like a lifetime deal for the #1 cart software, an email autoresponder and an already set-up website…

If you package your offer with all that, would people pay $3000 for it?

I think anyone would, who was interested in building their own successful business would find that more appealing than the offer with no additional bonuses.

The perceived value has been increased tenfold!

Because you’ve just made your offer irresistible.

What Are Some Irresistible Offer Examples?

Ideas for your irresistible offer:

  • Write an ebook. Recycle your old content into a useful ebook. (or write down bullet points for each chapter and get someone from here to write it for you)
  • Create an audiobook version of your ebook. Audiobooks have a higher perceived value than normal books
  • Contact people in your niche and ask to interview them. You can build a library of valuable interviews
  • Compile a batch of ‘hard to find’ podcasts, your niche will find valuable
  • Create a series of training videos
  • Give away a software swipe file that will help people get step up in their business
  • Create a membership site you give people free access to on sign up
  • Create a cheatsheet of email or social media scripts that can be re-used
  • Offer coaching calls with you to support them through the product they bought. People may benefit from extra guidance.
  • A pre-built funnel or simple website

The list is literally endless of what you could add to your offer and we haven’t even touched on physical products you could give away.

Do a little brainstorming of the products you sell, and have a think on what would really compliment the product you have and get your audience seeing your offer as irresistible.

To learn more, read this guide on how you will sell more by adding strategic upsells as well as high-value bonuses to your offer!

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