MindStir Media review how to self-publish your book

MindStir Media Review: How To Self-Publish Your Book

MindStir Media review. Have you been looking for a self-publishing company to help bring your book to life? 

There is a lot that goes into publishing a book. Much more than just the actual publishing, part, in fact! 

MindStir Media is an innovative self-publishing company that offers a full suite of services to help you bring your book idea to life. Offering design, editing, distribution, mentorship, endorsements, and more.

Read on to discover how MindStir Media may be the best self-publishing company you’ve been needing. 

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how to self-publish your book for cheap

MindStir Media Review: How To Self-Publish Your Book

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Everyone has at least one brilliant idea in their head that would make a great book.

It could be a self-help guide, a children’s book, a supernatural epic, a mystery novel or even a simple short story. Ideas are limitless.

But, what to do with all of those ideas?

How do you go from a creative spark that exists in your mind to a book that exists in real life?

One of the few good things that have come out of this ongoing lockdown, is the rise of opportunity online.

As more and more companies take their services to the cloud, you have more and more chances to make your dream a reality.

What used to take hours of in-person interviewing, pitching, and dropping off manuscripts can now be done over the phone or computer and you never need to step foot outside of your home.

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Talk about an introvert’s dream.

While a lot of companies were online already, they didn’t seem like a real option for many people because it wasn’t the way things were “traditionally” done.

Well, convention is out the door and innovation is here to stay.

Why not make it work for you?

Get that book out of your head and into the world now. The time is right.

Best Self-Publishing Companies – What They Are and How They Work for You

When you want to publish a book without signing up for a major publication house, you will find many different smaller companies that can help you do that.

This option is especially great for your very first book.

Since you won’t have any demos to show to get your foot in the door with one of the bigger companies, it would be hard to even get your drafts seen there.

Using a self-publishing firm gets rid of that obstacle.

A good self-publishing company will help you edit, illustrate, design, print, distribute and market your book.

Have you ever heard of self-publishing? Did you know it was an option?

A quick Google search will come up with dozens of companies to pick from. This leads to another issue….which one do I choose?

MindStir Media is a great choice for self-publishing. Whether you want help with just part of the process or need an all-inclusive option for book creation, they have a ton of packages to choose from.

What I like about MindStir Media the most is they have options for any kind of book you want to write.

It doesn’t matter if you want to focus solely on Teen Fan Fiction, a Children Learn-To-Read series, or a DIY Soap-making manual.

You can find what you need to get it out there in distribution, professionally done for you.

Not to mention they are one of the companies supported by Shark Tank.

The Self-Publishing Process- Start to Finish

There are 11 steps that you go through to go completely from no book to fully published and promoted book.

  • Introduction
  • Cover Design
  • Editing
  • Illustration
  • Layout Design
  • Wrap-Around Cover
  • Printed Proof
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Royalties

All the packages include author mentorship by the founder of the company J.J Hebert. He is a best-selling, award-winning author himself and has proven that his method of book self-publishing is not only profitable but also can be simple.

Let’s review each of these steps further:


Review and choose the package that you want and get set up with a Project Manager.

Cover Design

Your Project Manager works as a liaison between you and your book designer/ illustrator and editor (if your selected package includes editing). You let them know your vision for your book cover and they work to make that happen.


An editor helps streamline your content to appeal to your target audience and ensure your book is professionally crafted. No one wants to see typos or spelling errors in their book.


The 3-step illustration process takes you from no images to fully created images that you have complete ownership over.

Layout Design

Your designer creates the custom interior. Together you design the look and feel of the book and create the outline and chapters, so it comes out the way you envision it. This includes an ISBN number!

Wrap-Around Cover

After the book has been completely edited and illustrated, you begin the process of styling the outer shell. You will get your picture and author bio created and set the book pricing.

Printed Proof

Your very first copy of your brand new book!


30,000 wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers in over 100 countries, including product listings on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Booksamillion.com will have access to your book immediately after you give your final approval.

Worldwide availability!


This is where you can get in on the mentoring with J.J Hebert. You and your project manager will come up with the best plan to get your book seen and sold!

Order Fulfillment

Your books will be printed on-demand and mailed on your behalf. You won’t have to bother with sending out copies yourself, this is all done for you.


And now the best part, your earnings! Every quarter you get a royalty statement and check from your sales.

How Much Does MindStir Media Cost?

MindStir Media has 7 tiers of services, depending on your needs. For as low as $1,899, you can get your book designed, published, barcoded, and distributed.

Or if you want more awareness/distribution access, you can choose a higher tier package.

The highest tier available is $24,999 and gives your book an endorsement from Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

See all packages here

How Long Does the Self-Publishing Process Take with Mindstir Media?

When all the times on their brochure are added up, it should take between 4 months to 1 year for the final product to come out.

Which is pretty fast for a complete turnaround.

If you have your idea, content and general vision of a book ready to go, you should fly through the process.

If you need mentoring on how to write a book or where to go from the ground up on just an idea for a book. Well…that will take a bit more time.

This is why getting started sooner, rather than later is such a good plan. You never know exactly how long something will take unless you just go ahead and do it!

A year from now, you could be a published author.

How sweet is that?!

MindStir Media Review – Conclusion

Having the entire book publishing suite of services managed by one company is incredibly convenient.

It also reduces the risk of miscommunication and another hang-up that can stall or even flatline the process.

Having the availability of mentoring and endorsements on major tv networks and written channels really can’t be beaten.

That alone is hard to come by.

Visit MindStir Media and get started on your own book!

Before you go, grab a free copy of our Lead Magnet Idea Bank, so that you can easily create content that will attract leads to your new book, and grow your fan base. 

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