Learn How To Create And Sellout A Course With Teachable


Successfully selling your own online course is like the holy grail of profitable blogging. Course creation is one of the top goals of bloggers when it comes to monetization milestones.

And for good reason! When you have a course available to be purchased, the sales come in as a continuous source of passive income.

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Learn How To Create And Sellout A Course With Teachable

Achieving any source of passive income from your blogging efforts is awesome, and course creation is supreme! You do the work in creating the lessons once, and then it sells over and over again without you having to do a thing.

Although many bloggers dream about the course they would like to teach, only a few people actually take the steps to actually create and launch it.

You Might Be Stuck Thinking That You Aren’t An “Expert” Enough To Teach A Course

Wrong! You are an expert. You are the best person to teach your subject. Why? Because no one else has your unique expertise, experience or take on the subject you are passionate about.

Just focus on starting, and ignore any nagging thoughts that try to discourage you. You will be surprised what you can achieve when you believe that you are the best person for the job. Seriously!


So, How Do You Create A Course?

When I launched the HerPaperRoute Blog School, I knew I wanted to host it somewhere that would allow me a multitude of features without my having to do much after the launch.

There are a few ways you can create your own courses, for me I went with Teachable. Here’s why!

Teachable was the platform that allowed me all of the tools I needed to create my lessons, handle the payment gateway, manage students and even run my own affiliate program on it.

The platform makes creating your course simple, and then automates the process of running a school, which I love. I had a 4 figure launch in my first week, and haven’t looked back.

If you are ready to learn how to create and sell your online course, then you are going to love all of the free resources that Teachable includes with your membership!

Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to develop your own profitable course idea—one you’ll love to create and students will fall over themselves to buy
  • The inner-workings of a real live course launch
  • How Teachable’s most successful instructors use webinars and live workshops to sell more courses every day of the week
  • …and so, so much more





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