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Sometimes you are a real go-getter, hustlin’ hard and working your butt off to pursue the big goals. And other times you are lazy as heck and would rather not hustle at all. Not even softly.

So today I am celebrating all the ways you can make money online without putting in much effort. Let’s call it the LazyCEO Laptop Lifestyle. Still earning an income online, from your laptop, while wearing your pjs, of course. Sounds pretty good right? You bet. Everyone wants to make more money, especially if that extra money is relatively ‘easy money,’ meaning that you don’t have to hustle all that hard to get it. There are a ton of legit ways to make quick cash online these days. Whether you just want to make a little extra on the side or to fully go all in, quit your job and be a full-time #URLballer. (Is that a hashtag already? It should be!) You will be able to make money doing any / all of these sidehustles below!


Your home is a goldmine. Seriously! With Airbnb you can make a ton of money by renting out your apartment/home for a few nights.You can rent your space out entirely, or rent a spare room, or even just your couch. A one bedroom apartment in most cities can go for $150 per night or more.

I have a friend who goes out of town every second weekend. She rents her apartment out on Airbnb when she’s away and rakes in an extra $1,100 a month from it, by having just 6 nights booked a month! Think about it: You could team up with a friend/ boy/girlfriend and list both of your places on Airbnb, so that when one of your homes gets a booking, you stay both at the unbooked place and split the earnings. Whether you become an Airbnb host or a guest, here’s a credit of $50 that can be used on any Airbnb listing, anywhere in the world.



You know that pile of clothes/gadgets/thingamajigs that are lying around your home that you never use? Someone would very likely pay you for them! Selling your unwanted items on Craigslist can be a great way to make extra cash. No lie, I’ve found furniture in the alley before and hawked it on Craigslist for over $600 a piece!

Decluttr – This is a very cool company that will pay you for your CDs, DVDs, book, games & any other tech that you want to get rid of. You simply provide the barcode info, they give you a quote, you send it to them (all for free) and they pay you the next day.


Real Ways To Make Money From Homw - Try shopify for 2 weeks totally free - wahm - make money online - sahm | Running your own online store is something many people think about doing, but often don’t know where to start. It can be very profitable, but it can also be very time consuming if you are the one handling the shipping of orders. That’s why I love dropshipping. You just list items for sale on your website, (items that you don’t actually own or physically have) people buy the items from your website, then you order the items from your supplier and they ship the items to your customer. You never have to do any shipping or purchase any inventory. Dropshipping is extremely profitable, as you don’t have to buy anything beforehand. Plus there are some great free tools that completely automate your business.

I have a tutorial on how to set up an online shop on Shopify and automate it as a dropshipping business with a free app called Oberlo.

 >>Watch my tutorial on how to run a profitable Shopify store in this free course.



Sell your website todayThe same idea as flipping houses, but for websites! Buy a domain, grow some traffic and then sell it to the highest bidder on Flippa. People are selling their websites for thousands and millions on this site. The highest selling websites are the ones that have proven monetization income from sales, eCommerce with dropshipping, or ad revenue. So if you have time to spend building up a website for a few months, this could be very profitable.

To learn how to create a website capable of monetization click here

To learn how to create an eCommerce website with drop shipping click here



What are some awesome products that you use? Companies that you think are just fabulous? If you love it, there’s a good chance your friends would love it too. Many brands have a referral program, where if you refer their products and someone buys using your link, you get a commission. Check out the company websites for products that you’d feel good recommending, and sign up for their programs if they have them.



Ok, creating an online course takes time, effort and passion. But once it is live it becomes a recurring passive income stream that generates income for you forever. So why not give it a shot? You have talents, expertise, and interests that are uniquely yours – and someone wants to pay money to learn it. You don’t have to be an “expert” to teach something that you are passionate about – for real! It could be cooking, drawing, confidence building/coaching, dog grooming…anything! The great thing about having an online course for sale is that it sells itself over and over again forever. You don’t have to do anything after the initial creation of it one time! I know people who make thousands of dollars per month selling their courses on Teachable. Teachable makes it easy to create and sell your online courses, with all the tech, hosting and automation to boot.


I am on the Professional plan at  Teachable. This plan has no fees, so you keep every cent from selling your course. To learn how to get started, watch this upcoming live webinar 7 Steps To Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course.

And check out the courses I offer, on profitable blog & business creation here.



Ebates – I’ve been using Ebates for several years now, and it’s one of the greatest little bonuses for anyone who shops online. Basically, you go through their app to shop at any online store that you’d normally shop at, and they pay you a commission for using their app to do it. Retailers pay websites like Ebates to refer customers to them, and usually, the website keeps the commission. But Ebates passes that commission on to you. You can easily make a few hundred dollars here without having to do anything other than log in before you do any online shopping. It’s free to join and free to use! Here’s $10 to spend on anything at Ebates.

Try Ebates Now, It’s Free!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back




Ibotta – This website is similar to Ebates, in that you get money back for the things you buy, but you have to do a bit of “work” such as watching a video or answering a poll question first. Some people will find this stuff really fun! If you have a few minutes you can complete a few of these activities quickly, which adds up to money in your pocket.


  1. Register a new account – Here’s a $10 welcome bonus
  2. Customize your experience by selecting a few of your favorite stores and mobile apps.
  3. Find and complete ‘Rebate Activities’ for the stores you like, from your mobile phone.
  4. You now have a rebate for that store. Go shopping and buy whatever you need, then scan your receipt and the app redeems your rebate, giving you cash back.



One of the best money-making side hustles of all is, of course, blogging! So here are the best ways to make money online, if you do have a blog or want to start a blog!


Monetizing your own website is an excellent way to make money online. If you are a blogger you can apply to be an affiliate of the companies and products that you blog about and earn a commission anytime one of your readers buys the product using your link. To become an affiliate, first, join an affiliate network which will link you to thousands of companies with affiliate programs. My favorite affiliate networks are AwinShareASaleFlexOffers and Linqia.

If you don’t have a blog, I highly recommend that you start one. They are little money making machines! I have put together a toolkit containing a whole bunch of helpful resources for how to create a profitable blog, you can join free to access it by entering your info in the header of every page on this site. And I also offer online courses to help you along the way, covering everything from affiliate marketing, blog creation, design, sales funnel, list building and more, here:

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Offering digital downloads or physical goods on your website can provide you with a nice revenue source of passive income. If you have photography skills you could sell stock photos on your website, as people will pay good money for high-quality images. You could even set up a membership site, where your readers would pay you a subscription to access it. You can create a membership program on your own WordPress site with a plugin called MemberPress.

Selling an ebook is another good way to make money online. I sell an ebook of the best hashtags for bloggers to use. You can create them in free programs online such as Canva.

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Legit ways to make money online - non blogging - ways to make money - wahm sahm work online make money from home - Real Ways To Make Money Online With Minimal Effort - Social Media - Social Media Marketing |


Real Ways To Make Money Online With Minimal Effort - Social Media - Social Media Marketing |


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