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5 Uncommon Places to Find keywords and content ideas

Have you run out of content ideas? Need some inspiration? I have a few uncommon places that I like to find keywords and content ideas, to share with you today.

It can be difficult to consistently come up with content ideas and somehow just know what keywords to target. It can also feel overwhelming when you see other creators pumping out content daily.

How do they always know what to talk/blog about?

Well, the secret is that most creators don’t come up with every idea off the top of their heads every day, rather, they use keyword and search tools to keep them inspired.

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Here are a few places I use to source content ideas, which can give you endless inspiration for your own content.

1: Pinterest Trends Tool

Pinterest Trends is a goldmine for content ideas. The Pinterest Trends tool provides valuable insights into what people are searching for, helping you stay ahead of the curve with trending topics and keywords. 

showing real Places to Find keywords and content ideas pinterest trends

Simply enter a keyword and it tells you if the topic is on the rise in popularity, or dropping out of style/interest, and gives you related topic ideas which send you down a creativity rabbit hole. 

pinterest trends data to get content ideas and keyword research

2: My Favorite Keyword Research Tool

When it comes to SEO, I use this handy keyword research tool to do all the heavy lifting for me.

It analyzes search engine data to help you discover high-ranking keywords and content ideas, and gives you endless inspiration for new content. 

By leveraging the tool like this, you can ensure that your content is optimized for search engines and reaches a wider audience. 

You know, without wasting your time because you’ll have the data to know if something is widely searched and worth your time, or not, before you put any work into creating content!

3: TikTok Search Hashtags.

TikTok has a great search function where you can search hashtags, and it will spit out hundreds of related keywords while displaying the reach each hashtag gets. 

example of Places to Find keywords and content ideas tiktok search data

This is a great way to explore trending hashtags and discover what topics are capturing the attention of users. You’ll be surprised by the creativity and diversity of content on TikTok.

4: Google Search Console

Ok, this one isn’t that uncommon, but it’s worth including in this list because it’s so useful.

Your GSC account is full of inspiration. This free tool not only helps you monitor your site’s search traffic but also provides valuable data on the keywords people are using to discover your content. 

Use this information to optimize your existing content and discover new topics to explore.

5: Buying sites to merge into my existing sites. 

This strategy has been the biggest game-changer for me.

I will buy an established website with lots of content and traffic, and merge it into a site I own in the same niche.

This way, I get to take over the new site’s rankings, increase traffic (and ad revenue as a result) as well as boost my site’s DA at the same time. 

Plus, all the new content, without having to write it! So many wins. 

I posted a guide about my process for how to buy a site and merge it into another one, with some tips to avoid common issues, ​here​

Places to Find keywords and Content Ideas – Conclusion

Don’t let yourself get bored with your website, or feel like you have run out of content ideas!

These places make for great sources of inspiration for content.

What are your favorite keyword research and content idea sources? Comment below!

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