5 Places to Promote Your Blog for Free

5 Places to Promote Your Blog for Free

Want to know what the best places to promote your blog for free are?

When it comes to blogging, writing killer content is the key. But that’s only half of the battle.

Even if you write an amazing article, your website will not gain traffic if you don’t promote your blog properly.

The main key to driving organic traffic is through marketing your latest posts and continuously promoting your previous ones too.

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Promoting your blog should take up the majority of your time and because of that, finding a good place to promote is important.

5 Places to Promote Your Blog for Free

5 Places to Promote Your Blog for Free
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Everyone knows that Facebook groups are a fabulous place to get free traffic for your blog.

Other than Facebook promo groups, there are other places where you can actively and safely promote your blog.

Below is a shortlist of 5 places to promote your blog for free.

1. Pinterest

This is not even a question, because Pinterest is considered the number one place for bloggers to gain traffic for free.

Pinterest is a major search engine, so having a good Pinterest SEO strategy is important.

It can be learned quite easily by following this guide.

When creating pins, always make sure you create pins that help you to promote your blog post, as well as your lead magnets and offers.

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It also helps to schedule your pins with Tailwind.

2. Flip Board

The funny thing is, I’ve known that Flipboard is a great place to promote your blog for free for many years, but I’ve only recently joined!

Flipboard is a social news aggregation and curation app that allows users to collect and read articles, images, and videos from various sources on a personalized digital magazine.

flipboard best places to promote your blog for free

Flipboard’s algorithm analyzes a user’s preferences and activity to curate content based on their interests, which can include news, social media updates, and other topics.

Users can also create their own “magazines” on specific topics, which they can then share with others.

Anyone can join Flipboard and start using the app to view websites immediately.

But to become a publisher on Flipboard so you can add your own website (they call sites “magazines”) takes a while, as you need to get approved first.

There seems to be a rather long waiting period to get accepted as a publisher. I applied in January, and it wasn’t until late March that I got approved.

So don’t expect to sign up and start getting traffic right away.

But, once your account is approved via your main website, you can add as many other websites (“magazines”) as you want.

Take a look at my profile here and click the follow button so I can check out your profile, too!

3. Using Your Email List

There is a reason why your subscribers are subscribed to your email list.

They want to be the first ones to know about your latest news and updates.

An email list is definitely one of the best places for you to promote your blog.

Use this tool to reach out to as many readers as possible.

Learn: how to grow your blog traffic with email marketing.

4. Using IFTTT

IFTT is short for “If This, Then That.” It is an automation tool that allows you to set up many connections (applets) between apps.

My favorite applet is the one that will automatically post to you your Facebook page and/or Twitter anytime there’s a new blog post on your website.

Simply sign up and create an applet using the RSS feed icon.

ifttt best places to promote your blog for free

By the way, it is always a good idea to create a Facebook page for your website.

It’s even better if you can gather your audience in one place and create a Facebook group as well.

Whenever you have a new blog post, schedule each of these posts to be posted on both your Facebook page and group so that your followers can see them.

Implement a catchy headline with good graphics that will strike people’s attention.

4. Using Video

Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Youtube Shorts are all great places to get free blog traffic.

Creating video content to promote your blog posts does take some time and effort, but once it’s up it’s nice to have that evergreen promotion content for your site.

5. Quora

Quora can be a useful platform to drive traffic to your blog for free.

is quora one of the best places to promote your blog for free

Here are some benefits of spending a bit of time answering questions on Quora:

  1. Reach a large audience: Quora has a large user base with millions of monthly active users. By providing valuable answers to relevant questions, you can potentially reach a significant number of people.
  2. Targeted traffic: Quora allows you to target specific topics and questions related to your website niche. By answering questions related to your website or industry, you can attract targeted traffic to your website.
  3. Establish authority: By providing valuable and informative answers, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field. This can help build trust with potential customers and increase the likelihood of them visiting your website.
  4. Increase brand awareness: By answering questions related to your brand or industry, you can increase brand awareness and exposure.
  5. Improved SEO: Quora answers can appear in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can help improve your website’s SEO. This can lead to increased organic traffic over time.

Overall, Quora can be a valuable platform to drive targeted traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and establish authority in your industry.

However, it’s important to provide high-quality answers and avoid spamming or self-promotion, as this can harm your reputation and potentially get your account banned.

Follow me on Quora here!

5 Places to Promote Your Blog for Free – Conclusion

Promoting new blog posts should be your number one priority.

Don’t forget, that one of the best places to promote your blog for free is on your own website itself!

You may think this is so obvious but often people forget that marketing on their own website is as important as pinning every day on Pinterest.

One easy way to use your website to promote your blog is by interlinking. That’s when you mention a related blog post in the content of another blog post.

To do this manually will take a lot of time. That’s why many professional bloggers use this tool to interlink content automatically.

Interlink your new blog posts with older blog posts that have traffic and rankings. This will encourage readers to visit other content.

In return, this will boost the traffic to your website better.

What is your favorite place to promote your blog for free?


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