turn your website into an evergreen lead generation machine

Is Your Website An Evergreen Lead Generation Machine?

In this episode of the HerPaperRoute podcast, we are talking about how you can turn your website into an evergreen lead generation machine. If done right, your site/blog should be landing clients and making sales 24/7. Without you having to be at the wheel.

Our guest today is Lauren Taylar. She is an SEO strategist who helps coaches and creatives turn their websites into an evergreen lead generation machine so that they can stand out, get seen, and make more sales.

As a web designer by trade, I can’t stress enough just how important it is to have a proper, professional site for your business.

If you don’t yet have a website or have one, but it could use a makeover, I invite you to enroll in my FREE website starting course which will teach you how to create your own site from scratch. Prefer a done-for-you solution? Contact me to have a custom website built, or to order a site makeover today. 

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Turn Your Website Into An Evergreen Lead Generation Machine With Lauren Taylar

By combining her technical background in SEO with her passion for design, Lauren Taylar helps her clients create visual brand identities, conversion-focused websites, and long-term visibility strategies.

She is here to share some solutions for how you can prep your website to do the heavy lifting for you, generate more traffic, and make the SERPs show you love

How can business owners use their website as a marketing and sales tool?

Today we discuss how to use your own website as a lead generation machine to establish your expertise, and make more sales.

Learn how to get found through Google, and get leads on autopilot from SEO.

SEO tips, keyword research tips and lead the basics of a highly converting website.

Plus, know the crucial SEO mistakes business owners make, so you don’t make them. 

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