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Monetize Your Blog With Have you monetized your blog with cost-per-click ads yet?

You may already be using Google Adsense, but have you heard about Yahoo’s CPC ads network, is a contextual and display adverMonetize Your Blog With Media.netMonetize Your Blog With Media.netmonetitising network similar to Google Adsense.

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How To Monetize Your Blog With Advertising



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How To Monetize Your Blog With Advertising

It is very easy for you to customize your own ads to match your branding.

You can also block advertisers and certain keywords from appearing, as I highly recommend you do, especially when it comes to blocking ads from your affiliate programs, so you don’t risk losing your affiliate partner commissions.


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How To Apply As A Publisher

Applying to takes less than a minute, when you can apply via this link will add an extra 10% earnings bonus to your account for the first 3 months!

Once you have applied, it can take about 5 business days for approval, but in my experience, it took only a day!

After that, your account representative can help approve any additional sites you have quickly.

How To Get Approved As A Publisher

  • Traffic Minimum: None!
  • Publisher Language Requirement: Must be primarily English
  • Publisher Terms:
  • Restrictions: No Adult, pornographic or any illegal content. No Tobacco, alcohol, ammunition, hazardous substances, illegal drugs, gore, violence, gambling and racism content. No Pages containing profanity or content that and/or discriminates or is offensive to any section of people (Hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization.) No Sale of prescription drugs. No sale of counterfeit products, imitations of designer or other goods, stolen items or any products that infringe intellectual property rights.
  • Payout: Paid monthly via PayPal or bank transfer, $100 min
  • Advertising Type: Contextual, Display
  • Offer Types: CPC (Cost Per Click)

Creating ads in is an easy process, and getting them onto your website is as easy as copy and pasting.

How To Monetize Your Blog

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How to monetize your blog with medianet advertising - make money blogging - High Paying Affiliate Programs Bloggers Can Join - Make Money Blogging |

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