Everyone Has A Story, Why Not Publish Yours?


Everyone in the world who has lived through a decent chunk of life probably has something interesting to say which someone could relate to or be inspired by.

So what’s stopping you from publishing something? It is definitely a novel (no pun intended) idea, leaving something behind in the world for people to remember you by.

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Everyone Has A Story, Why Not Publish Yours?

Getting started with book publishing is a lot easier than you may think.

The Software

As you write your book, be sure to use a spellcheck app that will fix your spelling as well as grammar as you write. Grammarly – is the best app for this.


grammarly writing tools free app


Once you have your book written, you need to get it into a state where it would make sense in an actual book format. Not in the sense that it needs chapters, but in the sense that it fits into a book, has the right font and font size, doesn’t have unsightly gaps with mediocre formatting and comes with basic features such as a title page or an index page.


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There are a few steps in successfully transforming a lot of raw text into a presentable and printable format, and if you are working alone then familiarity with some publishing programs is essential.

Quark is the main publishing software in the industry, but in recent years, Adobe InDesign has been pushing it out of the spotlight and replacing it quite successfully. With some places still religiously clinging to Quark, it shows that it is still more than capable of publishing, but the consensus is that Adobe InDesign is the superior piece of software to be using nowadays.

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Getting a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for a single program is affordable and is rather accessible.

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Everything else

Even if you finally have your book laid out and formatted properly, it does not mean you are ready to publish it yet. There are a few other things you must consider beforehand, and the best way to do so is to preemptively educate yourself on the topic.

If you want to self-publish your book, look into Blurb, where you will be able to publish and print it as well as sell it on Amazon, Apple and other top marketplaces.


Everyone Has A Story, Why Not Publish Yours? 1


If you are artistically inclined, you could design the front cover yourself, too. Do not be afraid to get creative, it is your book, the sky’s the limit.

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