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Last updated on August 17th, 2018

Are You Making Any Of These Pinterest Mistakes?

How about 1 million monthly Pinterest page views? 
Of course you do!

Getting that kind of attention on Pinterest would draw incredible amounts of traffic and sales to your blog and business. Pinterest is by far the best traffic source imaginable. 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, more than Google, Facebook and Twitter COMBINED.

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This is thanks to having high-quality Pinterest images (pins) and keeping up with my steady promotion campaigns. (You can get a copy of my social media schedule to see when, where and how often I post in my free Profitable Blog Toolkit, and read more about crafting your own social media gameplan here).


If You Are Struggling To Get Traction On Pinterest…

There are a few steps you need to take to ensure that your Pinterest account will be seen and adored by the masses, as well as there are a few common newbie mistakes that could be holding you back, too.

Pinterest Mistake #1 – Poor Quality Images

Take a moment to scroll through the main feed on Pinterest and you will notice that every image in the top search results have something in common.

It’s that they are visually pleasing to look at.

Pinterest Is A Visual Platform, And So One Of The Most Important Things To Have Is High-Quality Graphics For Pins


They are high resolution, the fonts and colors go together, nothing is too loud. It is so important to make beautiful pins if you want people to share them, but unfortunately, design skills aren’t in everyone’s wheelhouse.

Knowing how to create Pinterest images that will appeal to others from a design standpoint can be hard to decipher.

There are free online tools which you can use to easily create Pinterest graphics. I recommend Canva. Check out Canva here.

When making Pinterest pins, only pin vertical, long images. No squares, no horizontal.

For lessons on how to use Canva, and how to brand your pins, blog and other online content effectively and affordably, enroll in my course Be Your Own Blog Boss which covers every aspect of blogging for profit.


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Pinterest Mistake #2 – Treating Pinterest Like A Social Network

Pinterest is not a social network like Facebook or Twitter. It is a search engine, like Google.

Because it is a search engine, SEO matters more than anything. You need to use good keywords in the descriptions of your pins, bio and boards. Make it easy for people to discover you when they search for what they need in the search bar.

Because it is a search engine, follower count does not matter. You don’t need to make gaining Pinterest followers a goal, as you can have massive success even if you have zero followers.


Pinterest Mistake #3 – Being An Information Hoarder

Don’t be an information hoarder! Be an information curator!

Think of Pinterest as your own art gallery, and consistently put the work of others on display, not just your own. Take pride in sharing the pins of other bloggers in the community, especially if they are in your niche or doing something similar as you are.

You are not in competition, in fact, sharing pins from your peers will only help your success, as you will reach more readers the more you share (and your peers will likely share your pins in return!)


Pinterest Mistake #4 – Going At It Alone

You need to be pinning your images to as many group boards as possible, several times a day every day. But you don’t have to do all of that pinning alone – in fact, there are tools that can automate this task for you.


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I recommend you start with Tailwind. This is an incredible online tool that will auto-pin your content to all of your group boards. I have a detailed tutorial on how to rock Pinterest with Tailwind here.

Are we following each other on Pinterest? We should be! @HerPaperRoute. For more training on how to improve traffic and make money blogging, enroll in my profitable blogging masterclass Be Your Own Blog Boss today!



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