Your Blog Had A Birthday! So What’s Next?


Congratulations! Your blog has just turned 1 year old!

You’ve sustained it and built it up for a whole year. That is quite a big achievement, especially if you’ve had to juggle another job at the same time.

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Your Blog Had A Birthday! So What’s Next?

It’s usually right about now that some bloggers are feeling fatigued and for good reason. You’ve been working late into the evening tending to your posts and nurturing your social media following.

You’ve been hard at work following my steps to monetize and make money from your blog, and chances are, by now you are chomping at the bit to take the leap and quit that stinkin’ day job!

So what comes next?




Status Symbol

If you’ve been live online and posting regularly each week for a whole year, chances are you’re about to enjoy a bit of a boost in the search engine rankings. Well established sites that are very active are usually prioritized over the less active sites.

To keep up the momentum, it’s time to commit to daily posting. Yes, create a new blog post each day! This might help you to become eligible for attention from Google News and other services that look for highly active content sources.



Time To Diversify

With a year of experience, you’ve managed to find your own writing voice and style. Now it’s time to put that to good use. A year of content is thousands of words just begging to be collated for an eBook.

I bet you have thought about writing an eBook already, so why haven’t you? Now is as perfect a time as any to finally create it!



eBooks are a great way to monetize your blog, and publishing digital texts cost you nothing, but could easily become a passive source of income. If you’ve had plenty to say, it’s time to let those words start to give something back.

Creating an eBook and selling it directly on Amazon Kindle, or using Blurb to create, publish and market it to Amazon and other marketplaces can be a fantastic way to bring in new streams of passive income from your writing.


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You could also take the route of becoming a content copywriter for other bloggers or businesses. Or maybe you’re ready to start up another blog or website?


Go Pro

If you’re ready to make blogging your full-time job, then you need to have a website that is top-grade professional. To make sure that your WordPress site looks and acts as professional as possible, be sure to use responsive web design services. This can boost your search engine rankings, set you up to earn money directly from the website, and give the whole site a well-deserved facelift.

You can hire me to do this service for you.





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If you’ve made up your mind to become an online writer full time, then you need to make sure you can monetize your activity.

When you monetize your blog, really, you are monetizing yourself, wherever you appear online.

Start with your writing skills. Update your LinkedIn profile to include your website and your skills as a writer. Add another domain to your list where you can take orders for your writing too. Next, make sure every article on your site is revisited and boosted for SEO. This should immediately start to see an increase in traffic.

And don’t forget to write a fabulous About Me page that encourages businesses to work with you for PR and promotional purposes.


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There are many ways to earn money from your blog, with affiliate marketing being my personal favorite!

I’ve been a busy affiliate marketer for almost a decade, and I even teach an awesome course it! Learning affiliate marketing will give you a huge advantage for the success of your online blogging career. So don’t overlook it!



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